Is mold worse in summer or winter?

Canva Damage Caused By Damp On A Wall In Modern House

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Mold grows faster in the summer months. However, winter doesn’t always mean we are in the clear. Mold loves the dark spaces in our homes. Although it does not grow at temperatures below freezing, mold can survive in dormancy and await the coming spring. Mold thrives in moisture, where it grows the quickest. This winter in Virginia Beach and Richmond, we want to share tips on keeping an eye out for mold and avoiding the dangers it can bring.

Tips to Prevent Winter Mold

Mold is present even in the cooler, more dry months. In this season, mold grows near small moisture pools in the less visible spaces of your home. Prepare your home with the following:

  • Start at the base. Repairing cracks in your foundation and basement is huge. Moister finds its way through the smallest cracks and can avoid evaporation.
  • Crawl spaces under your home easily remain dark and humid. Polyethylene can help you avoid damp surfaces.
  • The yard. Especially if sloping toward your foundation, it is very important to channel water away from your home.
  • Air circulation is your friend! Moving air is a good idea around day-to-day activities like washing dishes, showering, cooking, etc. Simply keep the fan on low, or switch on appliance exhaust fans to wick the moisture..
  • Insulating exterior or semi-exterior pipes during freezing months is important to preserve your plumbing and drainage systems.
  • Weather seals on windows and doors can block humidity and rain from coming in.

Next Steps

If you need assistance with mold concerns, call Air Quality Consultants today and keep your home protected. Check out all those tips and tricks and start by checking your home. If you have other issues like cracked pipes or foundations we will work with you to set up a plan to have your test done, before or after you have the other issues repaired depending on the problem. Even if your mold looks small and in one location it is important to let us check if for you as mold is microscopic and cannot always be seen by naked eye. 


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