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Is Your Office Building Making you Sick? – Sick Building Syndrome

Have your sick days been running low lately? You come home from work one day not feeling well, so you take the next day off work. You think you have recovered, but then, once you get back to the office, you start feeling squeamish all over again. It has happened over and over, and you’re starting to think this isn’t just some seasonal cold or allergies.

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Dangers of Mold

Lack of Mold Remediation Leads to Illness & Lawsuits

Timely mold and air quality testing could have saved these families big on medical bills and time thrown at filing lawsuits. Here’s a cautionary tale for the nation, illustrating the importance of not waiting around to address mold problems, as well as the seriousness of health problems that can be caused by mold.

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Air Quality Testing

DIY Air Test Kits – NEVER Trust Them!

DIY Air Test Kit’s are notoriously unreliable. In this post, we will cover why that is and why your money is better spent on hiring a professional air quality testing company in Virginia.

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