Most Common Places For Kitchen Mold

Most Common Places For Kitchen Mold

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Kitchens are susceptible to mold like any place in your home that is exposed to warmth or moisture, or has poor ventilation. Even kicking that ice cube that fell to the ground under your refrigerator because it could likely risk or encourage mold growth. Here are common places in your kitchen that mold can grow.

Kitchen Sink, Cabinets, Grout and Backsplash

With the pipes under your sink you are prone to leak every now and then. This is an area to check often. With it typically being a dark space under your sink with poor ventilation it is very easy for mold to grow. If your dishwasher connects to your sink, like most, it is good to check that pipe regularly as well. One great tip to prevent mold is to always have a bucket or catch pan in such areas. Although it will not stop mold from growing, you may catch the leak in time and stop the water from spilling out onto your cabinets and potentially avoid larger mold growths and water damage.

Cabinets are still prone to mold and you have many pipes in your walls and ceiling that can leak for many different reasons. If you find mold in your cabinets, it is often worse than what you see. Drywall also hosts mold well. Minimize or prevent this is by using dry packs or a dry box, available at most hardware stores. These will help absorb moisture, mold, and odors.

With water near your sink and cooktop, it is smart to check your grout and backsplash. Backsplashes that are not sealed well can allow moisture to seep in or drip below if it is not sealed well. Ironically, this can often happen due to cleaning. Many people forget to properly dry wet surfaces after scrubbing, and poor ventilation can lead to eventual mold issues. We recommend taking a minute extra when cleaning your kitchen to dry your backsplash and grout to keep your kitchen clean and free of any harmful molds.

Several regular store items to keep on hand to fight mold are a bucket or catch pan, dry packs, and tile grout cleaning solution. With these few tips we hope to help keep your home and kitchen safe from dangerous mold growth. If you have concerns of mold in your kitchen, call us for a mold test. It could save you significant time and money. Call Air Quality Consultants, the mold experts in Virginia Beach and Richmond, Virginia.

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