Number of meals most of us eat in a single day.

Number of glasses of water most people drink a day.

Number of breaths the average person takes per day.
Percentage of all buildings in the USA that are estimated, by the EPA, to have indoor air quality problems.
The percentage of time most of us spend indoors!  

A message from the Owner of Air Quality Consultants:

Hello, I’m Dietrich and I’m passionate about the air we all breath indoors as that’s where we spend 90% of our lives! 

I’ve been testing indoor air quality for issues that might be causing any one of your many cold or flu like symptoms since 1991.  If you have been suffering and suspect that the air you are breathing (whether at home or at work) is causing your symptoms, I’m the guy in Virginia you want to call to find out – either way. 

I look forward to helping you get to the bottom of your issue.

Dietrich Heyder
Air Quality Consultants Inc.

6 reasons you might need a Mold Testing in your Virginia home:

  1. If you have recent water damage in your home. 
  2. If you see mold and want to know if it’s toxic.
  3. If there’s a strange smell in your house or office. 
  4. If you’re experiencing health complications. 
  5. If you are buying or selling a home.
  6. If you’re looking for peace of mind
  1. I use expensive air collection equipment that is much better at collecting air samples than any over the counter air test (or mold test) kit.  
  2. I keep my training in mold and air testing up to date
  3. I have a license & insurance
  4. If you hire me to do your indoor air quality testing (or mold testing), I will get the reports back to you by 8:00 p.m the next day!
  5. I ACTUALLY CARE about the quality of air you are breathing.
  6. I am honest about why I’m passionate about this, but I do not use scare tactics.
  7. If there is nothing wrong with your air, my reports will let us know and I will be honest with you about it.
  8. I might save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation costs as my inspection services will help you understand how bad your mold issue is / isn’t. 

If you have been having allergy like symptoms year round, you may have an indoor air quality problem.  My testing experience can bring you peace of mind as they can help confirm (or deny) the existence of toxic particles in the air you are breathing.

In many cases, the mold you see (or don’t see) is not toxic but if there are other particles in your air that are, my air particulate testing will let you know if you inadvertently made a little harmless mold (that may only need cleaning, not remediation) a scapegoat for other issues you have been having.  I’ve seen the causes of many people’s symptoms be everything from invisible mold hiding behind walls, in attics, crawlspaces, boxes stored near water heaters and other unexpected places to common household cleaners / bleaches that weren’t sealed properly or had absorbed into HVAC air filters, baseboards, or other areas of the home. 

Phone Calls are always free and I am the only Mold Tester in Virginia that returns your mold test results the next business day by 8pm!

Mold Testing Conflict Of Interest
Would you trust your Realtor to also be the home inspector?
Take the Guesswork out of the mold remediation Process
Get UNBIASED Mold Testing Results the next business day!
Did You

Most Mold Is Not Deadly!

Do not fall for the scare tactics that a lot of companies use.

The reality of the  mold testing industry is that most molds we’ve tested turn out to not be the black mold we’ve all heard and read about in the news.  Unfortunately in this industry, there are some mold remediation companies that do not follow the code of ethics laid out by the National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors (NAMRI)

The NAMRI’s code of ethics states that “The mold professional shall promptly disclose in writing to the client any interests that may conflict with the mold services provided

Some of these same companies use the fears we all have about toxic black mold to recommend remediation strategies that could end up costing you thousands of dollars more in mold remediation services!

Even though any mold you see (or don’t see) may not be the type of mold that is toxic and could send you to the hospital, it doesn’t mean that your mold is not Allergenic or Pathogenic.  Allergenic Molds are responsible for giving you physical symptoms like the sniffles and sneezes.  Pathogenic Molds are responsible for more flu like symptoms.  These types of  mold do not require the level of remediation that toxic black mold requires.

At Air Quality Consultants, our job is to help you take the guesswork out of the mold equation.  We are a trusted Virginia mold testing company, here to help you work through your mold problem so that a local mold remediation company doesn’t make things worse by being focused on the final bill of your mold remediation project.

We are the independent third party that will come in, test your mold, help you understand IF you have a problem, WHAT the problem really is, HOW bad it is, and WHERE the problem is.

We do this with facts and air quality testing methods we’ve been using for over 30 years and the best part is:


Our Indoor Air Quality Testing Process

1. Call Or Email us to schedule an appointment

2. Visual assessment of property

3. Air and / or surface sample collection

4. Samples driven directly to FedEx

5. Lab Results returned the next business day.

(we are the only mold testing company in Virginia that can do that)

6. Report delivered to client by 8:00 p.m. the following business day

7. Referrals provided for mold remediation, possibly DIY solutions (If Necessary)

8. If Mold Remediation is necessary, we offer a 50% discount on follow up testing

Why Choose Mold Testing from Virginia's Air Quality Consultants?

“You won’t need my services everyday, but when you do, I’m the mold testing guy in Virginia you want to call.”

– Dietrich Heyder, Owner, Air Quality Consultants

Mold, in some quantity, is in practically every home or business in the country.  That’s one of the reasons you should never use an over the counter mold test kit.  They are notorious for returning false positives since there is mold everywhere.

The reality is, most molds are not the toxic mold we should all be very scared of.  If the mold in your home or business is now visible, there may be more behind the walls or you may be breathing in more than a small amount of mold spores.  These spores can cause minor irritations like the sniffles, or worse problems that are more similar to the flu.  

In the worst cases, if toxic mold is present, the mold can be deadly.  We are here to give you peace of mind about your mold problem, but more importantly, make sure that you are not taken advantage of by a mold remediation company that may use scare tactics about your mold issue to sell you a level of mold remediation you don’t need.  We do this through scientific testing of the mold at the best lab and using the best equipment and we return the mold reports back to you by 8:00 p.m. the next business day!  To our knowledge, we are the only mold company in Virginia that can do that.

We are here to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous mold remediation companies and, more importantly, to ensure that the mold remediation process is resolved with our follow up testing after the mold remediation company has finished their work.

Pertri Dish with Mold being tested icon

Mold Testing Experts

Small patches of mold, or mold that continuously re-appears, may be a sign of a larger mold problem lurking behind your walls, in your basement, or in your attic. If you have a persistent runny nose, or one that only seems to be around when you are home, mold spores might be to blame. In most cases, it is not, but when it is, you need to know right away so you can stop damaging your health by inhaling dangerous mold spores. When you have mold, the spores become airborne, then get inhaled. This can cause many health related issues.

Is your mold harmless or dangerous?

Contact Virginia's mold testing experts today, in many cases we can do your test the same day you call, and you will have your mold testing results withing 48 hours! Probably even 24 hours as we are that good!

icon showing air in canister for air quality testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

What many mistake for a persistent cold is often a result of poor quality indoor air. Indoor air can become polluted by many everyday household cleaners, hidden mold, pollen, pet dander, and other everyday things we believe are innocent. Consistent common cold-like symptoms may be a sign of air pollutants. Serious health issues, can arise if you are consistently breathing low quality air, especially considering the average person takes approximately 20,000 breath's a day, your minor health issues could turn major.

Trust our 30 years of air testing experience,

our state-of-the-art equipment, and our trusted lab connection. You won't regret it, you can count on the results, and you most likely will have your results in 24 hours uf us leaving your house, Guaranteed in 48 hours!

Water Quality Tests

If you suspect water quality issues in your residential or commercial property, Air Quality Consultants has the experience and knowledge to give you a definitive answer that you can rely on. Our professional team of expert water testers have the right tools, the experience, and the partnership with a top-notch lab to get you results quickly. Air Quality Consultants are also certified to test your air for mold spores, the concentration of harmful allergens, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, radon, lead paint, metal levels in water, and more. Our results will enable you to act quickly to eliminate pollutants that could be a serious threat to your health. Not sure if it's your air, mold, or water possibly causing health issues?
Book all 3 tests and save big!

Qualified Experts

Dietrich Heyder, the owner and founder of Air Quality Consultants has been been certified in testing air, water, and mold testing for decades. he is also a member of the associations run by some of the leaders in the latest in air quality testing. You will be hard pressed to find a more qualified air quality tester in the state of Virginia, perhaps on the entire East Coast! All professional air quality testers hired by Air Quality Consultants must be certified in the latest testing methods. All of Air Quality Consultants Services are available in both commercial and residential properties. Air Quality Consultants are committed to the health and safety of Richmond and Virginia Beach communities!
Need Proof? Check out Dietrich's Certifications!

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An Air Quality Testing Company You Can Trust

We care about your air!

Life is stressful enough. The last thing you need to deal with is threats to the air quality or water supply in your home or office. You want to rest easy knowing there are no dangerous, unseen pollutants in your air and water sources.

Here at Air Quality Consultants, we have been successfully testing air and water quality in the Richmond and Virginia Beach communities for decades. 

Awards & Certifications

Dietrich Serves Virginia Beach and all cities within a 100 mile radius.

Jack Serves Richmond and all cities within a 100 mile radius

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