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Here at Air Quality Consultants, we have been licensed and insured since 1991 to test air and water quality in the Richmond and Virginia Beach communities.

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Quality Work Without Scare Tactics

Some companies use the fears we all have about toxic black mold to recommend remediation strategies that could end up costing you thousands of dollars more in mold remediation services! At Air Quality Consultants, our job is to help you take the guesswork out of the mold equation. We are a trusted Virginia mold testing company, here to help you work through your mold problem.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We’ve been licensed and insured to test indoor air quality since 1991. After we have finished performing our thorough inspection and the lab has finished all air quality tests, you will be provided with a full diagnostic report.

Home Allergen Tests

Don’t allow the presence of pet dander, mold, dust mites and chemicals make you suffer in your own home. With the majority of our lives spent inside our homes and offices, taking steps to insure high quality indoor air is crucial to health and well-being.

Mold Test Kits

The professionals at Air Quality Consultants can provide the level of accurate diagnostics that DIY mold tests simply cannot.


Insurance industry protocol has mandated that mold remediation require an independent 3rd party testing company to include pre-remediation levels of mold and post remediation clearance.

mold testing

6 reasons you might need a Mold Testing in your Virginia home:

  • If you have recent water damage in your home.
  • If you see mold and want to know if it’s toxic.
  • If there’s a strange smell in your house or office.
  • If you’re experiencing health complications.
  • If you are buying or selling a home.
  • If you’re looking for peace of mind.

Qualified Experts

All professional air quality testers hired by AQC must be certified in the latest testing methods. All AQC Services are available in both commercial and residential properties.

Water Testing

If you suspect water quality issues in your residential or commercial property, AQC has the experience and knowledge to give you a definitive answer that you can rely on.

Peace of Mind

If you have  allergy symptoms year round, you may have an indoor air quality problem. Our experience can bring you peace of mind, confirming (or denying) the existence of toxic particles.

Why Choose Air Quality Consultants

We are the independent third party that will come in, test your mold, help you understand IF you have a problem, WHAT the problem really is, HOW bad it is, and WHERE the problem is.


We have been licensed and insured since 1991. Hire the experts!


Avoid a conflict of interest with third party air quality testing. 


Our testing is affordable and accurate, saving you thousands.

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