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Mold Testing Process & Cost - Indoor Air Quality

Whether your home is plagued by mold, allergens, radon, or poisonous gases and chemicals, professional indoor air quality testing is the best first step to addressing the problem. Still, many homeowners hold back from ordering professional mold testing because they are unsure about the process or worry about the cost.

Here at Air Quality Consultants, we believe in transparency in our indoor air quality testing process and pricing. That’s why we’re taking some time to walk you through each step to help you know what to expect when you order a mold test. We’ll also help you calculate the cost of indoor air quality testing for your Virginia Beach or Richmond home so you’ll know what to budget for.

8 Step Mold Testing Process

Our hassle-free professional mold testing process breaks down into eight easy steps. We respect our clients’ time and we carry out our work with urgency, bearing in mind that there is no time to waste when it comes to matters related to your family’s health.

At the same time, our expert air testing process is by no means a ‘rush job’. We do not believe in compromising quality for the sake of an expedited result.

Here is the simple breakdown of our indoor air quality testing process:

1. Contact Us

Get in touch via phone, email, or our website to schedule an air quality testing appointment. If you’re not sure what kind of test to order, need more specifics on our pricing, or have other questions and concerns, we’ll be happy to address anything on your mind. We serve all cities within a 100 mile radius of both Richmond and Virginia Beach.

2. Visual Property Assesment

One of our air quality testing professionals will come to your home, office, or whatever property needs testing for a visual inspection of the property. Our decades of experience and training have taught us what to look for when it comes to mold or other hazards to indoor air quality. The walk-through of the property will clue us into what may be compromising your air and what tests will be most effective in your unique circumstance.

3. Obtaining Samples

Based on the visual assessment and specifics of the case, we will collect either air samples or surface samples. In some situations, collecting both air and surface samples or obtaining samples from more than one area of the property is best. It depends on the nature of the mold, and whether it is ambient or visible. The collection process varies depending on what kinds of contaminants are suspected to be present.

4. Samples Shipped to Lab

Once the air or surface samples have been collected, we don’t wait around to get them off to the lab. We drive the mold samples directly to the FedEx office and get them shipped off the same day.

Stop guessing, start testing!

5. Lab Results in One Day

We’ve partnered with a highly-efficient lab that returns reliable results to our office within one business day. Lightning fast! We’re the only mold testing company in Virginia that can deliver ‘next business day’ lab results.

6. Mold Test Results Delivered to You

Once we receive the lab results from your mold test, we compile a report to deliver to you ASAP. We’ll get the report in your hands by 8 P.M. the next business day. The sooner you know what is making you sick in your home, the sooner you’ll be able to fix the problem.

7. Remediation Referrals

– If the lab results reveal a mold problem on the property, we will give professional advice on what your next step should be. As a mold testing company, it would be a conflict of interest for us to do the remediation ourselves (Pro tip: To ensure honest results, steer clear of companies that offer both mold testing and mold remediation. If your property tests positive for mold, they profit.) Since we’re long time veterans in the Virginia mold industry, we know which local mold remediation companies are worth hiring and will be happy to refer you to them. If the remediation is doable as a DIY project and that is the route you’d like to take, we can also offer practical recommendations to solve your mold problem.

8. Discounted Follow-Up

If indeed your property requires mold remediation, it is always prudent to invest in a post-remediation test to ensure the mold has been completely eradicated. We understand that nobody wants to have to spend their hard-earned money on one mold test, let alone two. That’s why we offer a 10% discount on follow-up mold testing.

Cost of Mold Testing in Virginia

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors highlights the significance of the work done by trained mold testing professionals who can offer “valuable – and sometimes life-changing – service to their clients”.

Yes, the value of contributing to creating a safe environment in the home cannot be underestimated. Mold testing is an investment. It may not be money that you want to spend, but the long-lasting good effect of taking this important first step to rid your home of dangerous contaminants is worthwhile.

The cost of mold testing varies depending on the nature of the test. For visible mold, a surface test is in order. If mold appears in more than one area of your home, multiple surface tests are advisable, since the mold could be different in both areas. The more you test, the higher the value, since we will discount the cost when you bundle multiple tests.

If there are not visible signs of mold in your home but you suspect the presence of mold spores in the air due to an odor or seemingly mold-related symptoms, an ambient air test is the suitable option.

Mold testing starts as low as $225! Navigate to our Mold Testing Prices page to learn more about the specifics.

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