How Much Does Mold Testing Cost?

Mold Testing Prices


1 Surface Mold Test

This test is for those that see mold and suspect that it is causing any ailments in their physical health. This test will identify the type of mold you see and tell you whether or not the mold is a toxic mold.
$ 225
  • 1 Sample of Visible Mold
  • Find out if the Mold is Toxic
  • Influences Mold Remediation Process & Could Save you Thousands
  • Includes Detailed Report

2 Surface Mold Tests

If you see mold in more than one place, don't assume that both areas have the same type of mold. It is entirely possible that one of the visible molds you see is toxic while the other one is not. Save big - order 2 mold tests!
$ 375
  • Includes 2 Mold Samples
  • Eliminate or Confirm Suspisions
  • Perfect for testing if multiple molds are the same type
  • Add'l Samples - Only $100 each

Ambient Air Mold Testing

This type of mold test will measure the amount of mold spores in the air and confirm the type of mold in the air.
$ 350
  • An adhesive spore trap that collects 150 cubic liters of air over a period of 5 minutes.
  • Compares levels of mold in the indoor air with a baseline taken from outside
  • Will let us know the source of the mold based on the collection location.
  • The Mold Remediation Process is determined by what type of mold is found. Allergenic (Sniffles & Sneezes), Pathogenic (Flu Like Symptoms, Toxic (Hospital Bound)

Air Particulate Sample Testing

These tests will measure particulates as small as .003 microns which are invisible.
$ 350
  • Tests for any particles in the air that are .003 microns and above in size.
  • Will not identify type of particulate
  • Excellent Indicator of Indoor Air Quality Problems
  • ONLY $75 for each additional sample
  • Instant Readings

Volatile Organic Chemicals

This tests the level of a specific chemical in the air and determines if those levels have exceeded EPA mandates.
$ 350
  • Tests for things like Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Acetone, Chlordane, and any airborne chemical compound that is of concern.
  • Used to confirm or deny any suspected sources of VOC's (nail salon next door, forklift in neighboring unit that is causing elevated carbon monoxide, or formaldehyde in furnishings, carpets, and / or flooring.
  • ONLY $75 for each additional scan

Professional Mold Testing

The safest and best solution is to leave the mold and call air quality testing experts at Air Quality Consultants.  Whether your Richmond or Virginia Beach property is commercial or residential, we know exactly how to sample the visible mold to determine if it’s toxic or not.  After we have swabbed the visible mold or collected air spore samples, our seasoned professionals will carefully inspect the area to determine if there is any mold growing on surfaces in out-of-sight areas, such as inside your walls or insulation. 

Beyond the inspection, our Air Quality Consultants will also test the air quality of your home to see if there are other types of mold growing in the area. Our professional-grade tests will be able to detect the mold spores in the air.

Here at Air Quality Consultants, our top priority is the safety of your family. Our entire motto is “we care about your air”. We will help you detect mold, identify the source, assess the risks, and make recommendations for mold remediation.

If you have noticed a musty odor or any mold spots in your home, contact Air Quality Consultants right away to schedule your indoor air test.  An indoor mold problem is not something you can afford leave unresolved.


Insurance industry protocol has mandated that mold remediation require an independent 3rd party testing company to include pre-remediation levels of mold and post remediation clearance.

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