Do Air Purifiers Work For Allergies?

Do Air Purifiers Work For Allergies?

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Whether we’re at work, school, or home, it’s safe to say that all of us spend most of our lives inside. While many people are quick to point the figure at outside air for the cause of their allergies, sometimes the air inside can be a lot worse. 

This is where air purifiers come in. They are normally used in indoor spaces to help keep the air clean and free of contaminants. 

If you’re not able to constantly ventilate an area, an air purifier can help to improve the air quality. However, there is much to think about to determine whether or not air purifiers can work to eliminate allergies.

The Right Type of Air Purifier

For your air purifier to work properly, it must be the right type. Not all allergens are created equal.

One purifier might be great at removing odors from your home, but may not be able to rid your air of dust or dust mites.

To cover all your bases, its best to purchase an air purifier that is equipped with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particle Air.  

This type of filter is made to catch 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 microns. A filter like this can easily capture allergens like pet dander, dust, molds, and pollen.

The Purifier Must Be The Right Size

Although your purifier may be equipped with a True HEPA filter, it can only clean the air that makes its way into the machine. The air purifier must be constantly moving the air in the room.  

This means that if your filter is in your dining, your living room may not be subject to the same levels of purification. Depending on how large your home is, you may have to purchase a larger purifier. 

To figure out what size purifier you’ll need, you must figure out the square footage of the room you’ll need it to be on. Once you have this number, you simply purchase a filter that is capable of cleaning that space.

Air Quality Consultants Home Allergen Test

While your air purifier may be working its hardest to keep the air in your home clean, it can only do so much.  You may feel like your air purifier is working at its highest capacity, but your allergies are still making you miserable. 

If you identify with that statement, it might be time to take further steps in bringing your allergies under control. Reach out to us here at Air Quality Consultants, and schedule a professional Home Allergen Test at your earliest convenience. 

These allergy tests provide you with a detailed breakdown of the exact allergens that are polluting your home. 

Once the testing has been performed, you’ll be presented with clear and concise results. Our team of qualified specialists will be there to help you find easy solutions to get rid of the contaminants in your air. 

Contact us today to schedule your home allergen test. Fill out our online contact form, and a representative will either call or email you as soon as possible.

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