4 Ways To Prevent Dust Mites In Your Home

4 Ways To Prevent Dust Mites In Your Home

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Dust mites are some of the most common allergens found in homes. They cause an immune system response that causes people to display cold-like symptoms.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on animal and skin shedding, and they live anywhere that dust accumulates. 

While completely eliminating dust mites from your home is almost impossible, there are ways to significantly limit the number in your home. Here are a few ways to prevent the accumulation of dust mites in your home.

Lower Humidity Levels In Your Home

Dust mites love to live in dark, humid places. Depending on where you live, you may have to deal with high humidity levels year-round. 

To make your home less welcoming, try to lower the humidity levels. Use dehumidifiers, fans, and air conditioners to keep the humidity level below 50%.

Many people perspire as they sleep, raising the humidity levels of your bedding. One way to combat this is to air out your blankets and sheets in the morning before you make your bed. This will allow your bedding time to dry out.

Wash Bedding Often

Make it a point to wash your bedding often, at least once a week. Humans shed dead skin every night, and dust mites love to feed on these. 

Wash your bedding in hot water followed by a high dryer setting. Any dust mites that survive the wash will be killed by the high heat levels.

Replace Carpets

If you can, try to replace the carpets in your home with hardwood floors. Carpets are a haven for accumulated dead skills, and dust mites love to live there. 

If replacing your carpet isn’t an option, make a special effort to keep them clean. Try to vacuum as often as you can.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural powder made from silica rock. It’s used to kill a variety of pests, and dust mites are no different. It’s safe and non-toxic and is a great option to use if you have pets or young children. 

Sprinkle the powder in areas where you might have dust mites such as beds, carpets, or furniture. Allow it to sit for as long as possible to kill any dust mites that may be crawling around. 

Then vacuum it up with a filterless vacuum, as the powder will clog your filter. 

Since DE is non-toxic, you can use it as often as you would like.

Contact Air Quality Consultants

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If you’ve been suffering from dust mites, it may be time to schedule a home allergen test. This test will reveal which contaminants are in your home and what you can do to get rid of them. 

We will also help you take steps to improve the air quality in your home. To get started, fill out our online contact form to request a quote.

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