What Could I be Allergic to in my Home?

What Could I Be Allergic To In My Home?

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It seems like allergy seasons are getting longer and longer each year. The constant sneezing, runny eyes, and even coughing can mimic other illnesses I’m sure we all want to steer clear of. So how can we find relief? What if you’re finding that you are experiencing allergy symptoms even when you’re in the comfort of your own home? Our spaces should be our safe havens, so in this article, we’ll talk about three common triggers many find in their homes and how we at AQC can help!


Especially if you struggle with seasonal allergies, I’m sure you’ve heard the word pollen thrown around like a football. But, what exactly are pollens? Are there different kinds?

Well, yes, there are many different kinds of pollen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are allergic to all of them. You could be allergic to the main three: pollen from trees, weeds, or grasses. These three have pollen that is dry, light, and typically yellow in color. Due to the nature of these substances, they are easily carried through the air with wind and can stick to just about anything. 

Pollen is most common in the spring, summer, and fall (yeah, so most of the year!). However, while allergies to pollen are widespread, they aren’t the only culprits.

Pet Dander

Oh, but you love sticking your face right in your dog’s belly! Just me? If you are an animal lover, you may also have an allergy to your furry friend’s dander. But, Let’s not get it twisted – being allergic to pet dander does not mean that you are allergic to their fur. 

Fur is just a tiny portion of the particles flaking off your pet daily. Dander is comparable to dandruff which is easily identified in humans. It is a material shed from your pet every day that inevitably ends up in all parts of your house.

This can even be true if your pet doesn’t roam freely throughout the house. Dander transfer is effortless and can most definitely be the cause of all of those sneezes.

Dust Mites

The word ‘mites’ isn’t a pretty thought. Especially when hearing that dust mites are nearly everywhere in your home. That said, because we can’t escape dust mites, these may be their biggest culprits. 

In reality, dust mites are just a fraction of the dust equation. Where you find dust mites, you find dust that consists of a plethora of things: microplastics, hair, skin flakes, carpet fibers, etc.

Are At-Home Allergy Tests Reliable?

Now that we have identified possible reasons your allergies are so bad inside your home, how can you be sure? Many run to at-home allergy tests, but the truth of the matter is that they are just not reliable enough. In addition, those tests are not thorough enough and can be very broad. 

Instead, why not hire the experts to let you know for sure where your allergies are coming from? Once identified, you can make the necessary changes to actually live in your home allergy free! Don’t wait! Contact us, and we’ll be sure to have you on your way to feeling better soon.

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