Is Your Home Ventilation System Doing its Job?

Is Your Home Ventilation System Doing Its Job?

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Maintaining the optimal air quality in a home is not always an easy task. Naturally, if given the opportunity, bacteria, mold, and various other pollutants will flourish in your homes, creating a potentially dangerous environment for your family. In many cases, a home’s HVAC system is to blame. Outdated or malfunctioning components can seriously struggle to keep up with your home’s needs.

What is a Ventilation System??

Ventilation is arguably the most important part of an HVAC system. These systems utilize a series of vents, ducts, and fans to extract, moist stale air, and replace it with fresh, clean air.

This type of air circulation is crucial to the health of your body and your home. Many prevalent respiratory issues can be traced back to home air quality. When moist air becomes trapped in a room, it can create a breeding ground for pollutants. Allergy triggers like mold and dust mites rely on a stale, humid environment to reproduce. Without a proper influx and outflux of air, your home could become overwhelmed with harmful micro-organisms In just a matter of days.

ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommends that a home should cycle a minimum of 15 cubic feet of air per minute per person living there. If you or your family members have been experiencing unusual allergy symptoms, it’s likely that your home is not circulating enough air, and your HVAC system needs to be balanced.

Professional Inspection

If mold continues to appear in your home or your allergy symptoms persist after making adjustments to your ventilation system, the best thing you can do get a professional involved. At AQC, a detailed inspection of all ventilation components is an integral part of our indoor air quality testing procedure. Our air quality professionals will check the entire air duct system of your home, followed by an analysis of the filters to ensure that your system is working as designed. 

Additionally, data collected from the air quality test, along with any mold samples, will be sent to a lab for analysis. Once the results have returned, you will be provided with a full diagnostic report of what was discovered. 

These procedures help to prevent further spread of air-borne pollutants and gauge the effectiveness of your HVAC system and outline any potential weak points, allowing us to create a plan of action to resolve them.

Maintaining a Healthy Indoor Environment

For nearly 30 years, our team of licensed air quality experts has been passionately serving the Richmond and Virginia Beach areas with the goal of solving a significant public health threat – indoor air pollution and poor water quality.

At AQC, we believe that your home should be a place where you can escape the toxic environment that lies just outside your front door. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home or have questions about the condition of your HVAC system, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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