How to Accurately Test Your Home for Mold

How To Accurately Test Your Home For Mold

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If your home has sustained water damage, you see or smell mold, start feeling unwell whenever you’re at home, or buy a new home and want peace of mind, a mold test is in order. 

It’s essential to act if you suspect your residential or commercial property has a toxic mold problem considering the dangers of mold

Before seeking out mold remediation services, a mold test is the first step to determining whether or not your property has mold, and if so, the extent of the damage. 

How can you accurately test for mold in your home? Should you opt for a DIY mold testing kit or professional mold testing services?

Are DIY Mold Test Kits Accurate?

There’s a wide range of DIY mold test kits on the market. Some DIY kits cost less than $10, making them a tempting alternative to paying for professional testing. However, do DIY mold test kits work?  

“Consumer Reports recommends against using mold test kits. All those we’ve tested have had major problems and are not reliable. What’s more, identifying the mold species growing in your home is less important than eradicating it,” advises Consumer Reports.

Beyond unreliable results, DIY mold testing kits often come with hidden lab testing fees and cannot provide the detailed results professional testing can.

Why Hire a Professional Mold Testing Company

The best way to accurately test for mold in your home is by hiring a professional air quality testing company. 

Certified and experienced mold testing technicians can conduct a thorough inspection of the property and use precision mold testing equipment to quantify and qualify the mold problem’s nature and extent. After performing the testing, the technicians can send the findings to certified labs for analysis.

The results from the test will help you understand the nature and extent of your property’s mold problem, equipping you to map out a remediation plan. 

If you have already finished the mold remediation process and want to ensure it was effective, having a follow-up mold test is a good idea. 

“Surface sampling may be useful to determine if an area has been adequately cleaned or remediated,” says the Environmental Protection Agency. “Sampling for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing mold sampling protocols, sampling methods and interpreting results.” 

Indeed, hiring a professional mold testing company is the best way to get an accurate assessment of your property’s air quality. 

Tip: To ensure unbiased testing results, hire a mold testing company that does not offer remediation services. 

Accurate Mold Testing Services - Virginia Beach, VA

Air Quality Inc. offers professional mold testing services to the residents of Virginia Beach, Richmond, and surrounding areas. Licensed and insured since 1991 and passionate about helping our neighbors enjoy healthy indoor air quality, we are ready to help you with your potential mold problem.

When you order a mold test for your property, one of our certified technicians will investigate the area, conduct sampling for mold, and send the test to an independent lab for detailed analysis. 

Once the results are in, we will deliver the report and help you understand the results, answering whether any mold is present and what type of mold it is, and the level of concentration. We can also make recommendations on remediation strategies. 

Learn more about the process and cost of our mold testing services or contact us to request a quote.

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