DIY Air Test Kits – NEVER Trust Them!

Diy Air Test Kits – Never Trust Them!

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DIY Air Test Kit’s are notoriously unreliable. In this post, we will cover why that is and why your money is better spent on hiring a professional air quality testing company in Virginia.

Have you been suffering from an ongoing stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat or other cold-like symptoms? Can’t figure out where it’s coming from?

You could have allergens in your house that are causing your repeated symptoms. 

You may be in need of an indoor air quality test. This kind of test specifically measures levels of allergens in your home. The results may shed light on why you have been experiencing all of those pesky symptoms. 

Do NOT Buy a DIY Home Allergen Test Kit

Recently, many ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) air quality tests have come up on the market, claiming to detect allergens in your home. Many people are beginning to opt for these DIY tests because they are budget friendly and don’t require hiring someone.

At first glance, air quality tests seem like a good idea – they’re not!

Professionals in the air quality industry, including Air Quality Consultants as well as Consumer Reports DO NOT recommend DIY at home allergen tests.

There can be many possible allergens in your home, coming from various sources. DIY Air quality tests cannot accurately test for these allergens, and therefore cannot provide an accurate analysis of your air quality.

Unreliable Air Quality Test Results

DIY kits are notorious for providing false positives. False air quality test results create unnecessary stress and fear for consumers, while simultaneously wasting their time and money. It is like paying for a headache, and it still doesn’t solve your air quality problem.


Aspergillus Mold

Minimize Allergies - Test for Allergens

Testing your indoor air for levels of allergens is an excellent first step to breathing easier in your home and reducing your allergy symptoms.

The trained professionals at Air Quality Consultants will help you identify your air quality problem and guide you to solutions in a timely manner.

Get Control of Your Air Quality – Professional Air Quality Test

Given that most of us spend much of our time indoors, the importance of having clean air in our homes (or offices and schools) cannot be overstated.

The best way to address the risks of allergens in your air is to first have a Home Allergen Test performed the trusted professionals at Air Quality Consultants. 

An air quality test will quantify the amount of allergens in your air. The indoor results are compared with a baseline taken from outside your home. If the test reveals an abnormally high amount of allergenic particulates in your air, this could explain your symptoms. The value of a professionally conducted allergen test massively exceeds the value of unreliable DIY air quality tests.  

Air Quality Consultants are highly trained and experienced in the field of indoor air quality testing. We conduct a physical inspection of the premises of your home to search for and identify the causes of allergens. Our professional grade air quality testing equipment will assist us in taking multiple measurements from various points around your home, to get a full diagnosis of the problem.

Our professional home allergen testing will provide you with accurate reports revealing the concentration level of potentially harmful particulates in your air down to .003 microns (particulates so tiny and invisible that once they get in your lungs, they are trapped there!).

With the results in place, Air Quality Consultants will be able to recommend solutions for cleaning your air and controlling or even eliminating the sources of pollutants. We will help you to get your indoor air quality as clean as possible.

At Air Quality Consultants, “we care about your air”. Let’s start working together on a solution to clean up your air and alleviate any side effects you’ve been experiencing from pesky allergens in your home.

Contact us now to schedule your air quality test.

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