Commercial Air Quality Testing Near Me

Commercial Air Quality Testing Near Me

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Air quality maintenance is often overlooked and forgotten in homes and commercial buildings alike. Odorless yet harmful air pollutants can go undetected, leaving the environment in a toxic state. 

Without recognizing polluted air as the cause, the employees in your office could begin to experience mild to severe health conditions that could impact their quality of life and work.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Air Quality Testing

Regular check-ups in your commercial building are vital to maintaining a healthy environment for your employees and customers. Testing can help identify possible sources of air pollution early on before they begin affecting your health and the health of those around you. 

When you maintain the air quality in your building, you help your employees work their hardest without the distractions and complications of respiratory illnesses caused by pollution. In turn, it will also decrease the number of sick days employees will need to take off. 

Common causes of harmful air quality in commercial buildings include:

  • Radon. The build-up of this naturally occurring gas is common in buildings with poor air circulation and is toxic to those breathing it. 
  • Biological pollutants. These cause foul odors, which significantly reduce the quality of life.
  • Asbestos dust. Commonly found in older buildings, breathing in asbestos dust can cause serious health problems, including cancer. 
  • Mold spores. Buildings with excess humidity are prone to mold development. Inhaling these spores causes allergies and other respiratory symptoms. 
  • Carbon monoxide. If levels become too high, this gas could become lethal. 
  • Clogged air filters. When HVAC filters are not replaced or cleaned regularly, the air can not be adequately circulated and filtered. The cost of operation goes up, as does the number of allergens in the air. 
  • Secondhand smoke. Toxins found in cigarettes linger heavily in the air. It can similarly affect your health as does smoking firsthand. 
  • Lead dust. Older office buildings were often finished with lead-based paints and stains. It can be extremely dangerous to the respiratory system if it finds it’s way into the airstream.

Commercial Air Quality Testing Near Me

Getting the air quality tested in your commercial building is necessary to maintain the health, safety, and productivity in the workplace. A great place to start your search for a local air quality tester is to contact Air Quality, Inc. 

Our indoor air quality experts here in the Richmond and Virginia Beach areas are licensed and insured. They have helped families and businesses alike have confidence in the quality of the air around them. 

Air Quality, Inc. has the expertise to test for various pollutants in your office, whether from pollen, mold, lead, or radon. We will also recommend the top filtration systems that use the latest technology to prevent dangerous air pollutants in the future. 

You can be confident that our air quality tests will ensure a safe and healthy workplace for years to come. Call Air Quality Inc. today for more information.

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