Can You Be Allergic To Air?

Can You Be Allergic To Air?

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At times, we may feel like we are allergic to everything around us. Most of us are familiar with the pollen season. The itchy eyes and runny noses it seems to bring are never fun.

However, if you’ve begun to feel these allergy-like symptoms in your home year-round, this is rightly a cause for concern. Being that you spend most of your time at home, having allergic reactions to the air around you can interfere with your daily life. 

Let’s take a closer look at two common allergens that can be found in the air and what to do about them.


As mentioned earlier, pollen seasons makes millions of people miserable every year. You may feel a bit trapped, as pollen can easily make its way inside your home through windows. 

During the pollen season, try to keep windows closed and use the air conditioner. If you must open the windows, make good use of a HEPA filter, and clean them often. 

While in the car, opt to use the air conditioner and keep the windows closed. If you want to be outside, try enjoying the outdoors during times of day when the pollen count is low. 

For those who enjoy taking care of their garden, wear a mask to protect yourself from the pollen flowers and weeds give off. It‘s also beneficial to wear a mask when cutting the grass. If someone else can do it, skip the activity entirely.

Dust Allergies

Dust allergies can be triggered by anything from dust mites to pet hair. If you suspect that you’re dealing with dust allergies, you may find it beneficial to make changes in your daily life.

If possible, keep pets out of the bedroom to reduce pet hair and dander where you sleep. When the dander combines with household dust, it can cause allergy-like symptoms. 

If your house allows, remove any thick carpeting, drapes, and curtains from the bedroom. These items easily trap dust and the small particles are very difficult to remove. 

If you live in a humid area, dust mites can become a problem. To combat his, try and keep your home at a level of 50% humidity. Be sure to clean your bedding regularly and wash it in high temperatures to kill any dust mites who might be lurking.

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