Black Mold in Your Home

Black Mold In Your Home

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Many areas of the country that are humid and retain moisture have been known to be prone to mold. Due to its potentially toxic profile, Black mold, in particular, can be a danger for residents. 

It is essential to be able to identify Black mold in your home. Most often, it is a very dark, black-greenish in color and appears slimy, which is a feature not usually found with other fungi. 

Prolonged exposure can cause severe health effects. However, understanding and getting rid of black mold doesn’t have to be mysterious.

How Black Mold Survives

Like any mold, Black mold can find moisture nearly anywhere and then settle in and thrive. This means that it is not only located near small pools of water like other molds. It loves moisture, so it can grow in the presence of any water source. 

Black mold type of fungus can grow indoors in areas that are often damp, such as basements, showers, bathrooms, and other areas where there is a leak. These areas need to be adequately ventilated to pull the air out. Failing to do this will result in mold symptoms spreading to other parts of the property. 

The Dangers of Black Mold

The danger with Black mold, unlike any other kind, is that scientists have proven that exposure to it can cause severe problems to its victims. These dangers could come about by being exposed to the black mold spores and having an allergic reaction. Black mold can cause damage to the respiratory system, bleeding in the lungs and nose, vomiting, and nausea. 

The person who will be performing the work must protect themselves from the risks involved with getting rid of mold. They should fully cover their face and skin to avoid risks to their health.

The Dangers Faced When Trying to Get Rid of Black Mold

Black mold is notoriously known for being difficult to remove because of its trickiness in actually killing the spores. This can only be done by penetrating and killing the root and the surface mold. Specific cleaning methods may not work because of porous surfaces, like drywall. Steps must be taken to ensure it does not return. 

It is essential to know when to call a professional to help with your mold problem. A dangerous situation can be identified when the area is 10 square feet or larger. Contact us if you suspect: 

  • your heating, cooling, or ventilation system have developed mold
  • mold has contaminated your water or sewage systems
  • illness in you or your loved ones are arising due to mold 

The professionals at Air Quality Consultants have decades of experience and high tech-air testing technology. The quality of the air you breathe can be determined; any contaminants can be found, as can solutions to improve the quality of the air in your indoor space. Home allergen tests come with a detailed report of the concentrations of pollutants detected, and an expert will help find the solutions to ensure you are breathing clean air and protecting your health against mold.

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