Are Home Mold Test Kits Reliable?

home mold test

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It may become apparent you have a mold problem in your home if you see visible spores on your walls or if you notice a consistent musty smell. However, did you know that other physical symptoms your family may be experiencing could be rooted back to mold in the home? 

Headaches, difficulty breathing, and flu-like symptoms are a few indications that it may be time to time to invest in a home mold test. 

Home mold tests will send samples to a lab to be tested, but there are a couple of options to decide on how you will gather the samples.

DIY Home Mold Test Kits

DIY kits have become popular as they appear to be a more affordable and convenient option when compared to calling in a professional. But, unfortunately, more times than not, they are too good to be true. 

Our biggest issue with DIY home mold test kits is their inaccuracy. Dealing with mold in the home involves your family’s safety and well-being and is something we take seriously. But many companies that offer DIY kits take advantage of this. 

It’s virtually impossible to remove 100% of the mold in any home. Therefore, DIY tests will probably always come back positive as it’s testing for any spores found. Unfortunately, a positive (or false positive) might be the only information provided to you as these companies cannot identify the type of mold it is, the cause, and how to fix it with just a mailed-in sample. 

In other words, DIY home mold test kits are not the most reliable option available to you.

Professional Home Mold Testing

Having your home inspected thoroughly and tested for mold by a professional takes you a few steps forward in providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. 

After scheduling a mold test with our team, a certified consultant will survey your home and collect samples to send to our independent 3rd party lab. A complete and detailed analysis will provide you with the results, including a report outlining if you need to eliminate toxic mold. As a third-party lab, you can have complete trust in the impartial results provided to you by our experts.

Does my Home Need to be Tested For Mold?

How do you know if you should test your home for mold? Take the following points into consideration when deciding if it’s time to get your home tested for mold:

  • Experiencing physical symptoms of mold exposure, such as sneezing, eye irritation, and sore throats
  • Inhaling musty odors coming from the attic, basement, or other room
  • Assuring quality after mold remediation services are completed in your home
  • Buying or selling a home
  • Prioritizing your family’s health

We offer quality home mold tests in the Virginia Beach and Richmond areas, thanks to our certified and licensed consultants and trusted lab. If you have concerns about mold exposure or are looking for quality assurance, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a quote today.

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